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World cup FIfa Rankings and algerian soccer

So the world cup finished finally. Germany is ranked number one and Algeria is ranked number 1 in africa in the 24th place.

Algeria did well this world cup, they got out of the group stage out competing Russia and South Korea. This team is more attack minded then the 2010 team.

Algeria held Germany untill overtime which is feat beause Germany destroyed Brazil 7-1. Mbolhi made excellent saves and Germany’s keeper had to save the team by going out the box 19 times. 

I think algeria has a chance to start a football dynasty. I see no reason that algeria should not attend the world cup every four years. Algeria can still improve. Algeria is still reliant on France born Players. football climate in algeria is starting to improve, training clubs are sprouting new talent.

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Literacy in North Africa, can you tell me what is going on

Algeria has been independent for 51 years and still its literacy rate is very low. So what happened. we cannot blame the low rates on old illiterate grandmas/ grandpas any more, a hold over from the 11 percent illiteracy rate from the colonial days. Every student that goes through school should be “literate” by the time they are finished and if kids are not going to school there parents should be given an opportunity to change the situation. Of course some students are taken from school to help family finances but that is unacceptable and that should be remedied as soon as possible.

The question is in North Africa, Algeria Tunisia and Morocco (Libya looks to be a bit okay) is that how do you define literacy. Students in elementary schools(Let’s assume the most basic and widespread institution) have to “read” in Arabic and in French. In Arabic you have signs that show the vowels on top or bellow the consonant letters, and usually in more advanced texts/city signage) they remove the signs. So my question is how does someone with an elementary school education cope with reading in everyday life, does he spend 5 minutes on one sentence.

In review I believe that

The older generation should be taught at home or in specialized classes in order to teach them how to read and write. I think that they should be taught for the sake of honor.

At “risk” youth should be put aside one on one in order to test them and to try to figure out what level they are at and whether they should catch up to the class.

Parent should be responsible and punished if there children “skip” classes.

literacy rates in algeria is at around 70% men about 80% and women at 60%

any comments or questions

Yacine Brahimi: Dribbling King

New Middle East virus spread in hospitals (Saudi Arabia)

With the umra and the upcoming Hajj coming up. One thing that is coming up that should scare us. the new Mers virus. With the millions of pilgrims coming to Saudi the virus has a chance of spreading far and wide.

The new MERS virus, which has infected 64 people and killed 38 of them, is mostly spread in hospitals and it will take special care to prevent bigger outbreaks,


algerie rwanda The full game

well lets see

mali failed to beat benin so algeria is all clear in terms of winning round two.

Hopefully there will not be a derby like the derby between Algeria and Egypt that happened last world cup.

I am wondering do they have quotas example two from north africa two from south africa two from west africa and so on and so forth

we should not two proud of ourselves the worst is yet to come. it would be a shame to qualify and then lose all of our world cup games.

so far our team is better than the 2010 team.

slimani and soudani can score and they score prolifically.

brahimi taider feghouli (boudebouz) can all dribble and pass between defenders.
but like the rwanda game showed (we only scored one goal for god sakes)

having a good goal keeper and having very physical players will slow down the algerian team.

My goals are that at least we advance to the second round of the world cup

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