Hanout Maker sponsored by Djezzy

Hanout meaning store, the show is about rebuilding a locally owned store into a better looking store. it kinds of reminds me about Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares but without the cursing.

I really do not know how the whole show/program is funded but I agree with the philosophy. The way a store looks is going to affect the mood of the customers. Brightening up the shop/store is not only going to make the neighborhood look better but it is going to help mom and pop stores who are not neccessarily in the cyles of poverty but who may just be unable to attract that many customers because they just look average. I think this is the way forward for development.

Hanout Maker Alger restaurant

Hanout Maker Oran tailor

    • ali.kheti@hotmail.com
    • February 27th, 2012

    merci pour l equipe makers merci pour mustapha et sans oublier djezzy formidable se que vous faite sidali finland

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