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Hanout maker Ghardaia and other things حانوت مايكر(غرداية)

Hanout maker Ghardaia

(حانوت مايكر(غرداية


ALGERIA, 1960-69

photographs from Marc Riboud

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Paradou academy/academie and other algerian youth soccer wonders

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wikipedia article Paradou academy

Magharebia Paradou academy

Apparently 3 or 5 Paradou student went to the U20. they are about 17 or 18 years old. What happened when they played I do not know. It seems that 17 year old football players do not get recorded. The academy seems to be in a lull these few months. Hopefully they will start playing and showing off in the summer.



Paradou Vs. Villa real



Other academies that are somewhat similar to paradou of Paradou




and also the two foot ball prodigies Sofiane and Madin mohamed.




algeria web awards/ links

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algerian freestyle meeting

Hanout maker algeria Bou saada

Mali Coup d’etat

many questions remain was it a response by an ill equiped army or was it premeditated.

will algeria remain neutral, Is the area of “azawad diverse, what is the effect of uranium deposits on the whole situation

Afric Jungle album

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