Algerian electrical equipment

The manufacturing of large power transformers and solar batteries for photovoltaic panels are currently imported.

The company GSP-Cables (Cabeleq) and electrical equipment will begin manufacturing these items.

The Five Year Development Plan (2012-2016) of  GSP-Cabeleq, with more than 11 billion dinars, includes the manufacture of transformers and electric motors of greater power, commercial vehicle batteries and industrial batteries and solar for photovoltaic panels, the president and CEO of GSP, Aziza Boukaoula told APS.

This investment program  will involve only companies wholly owned by the GSP-Cabeleq. GSP has 15 subsidiaries of which 5 have been opened up to capital investment from foreign partners.

It is expected that the production of high-power electrical transformers, above 2,000 KV, will begin as they have hitherto  been imported, she said.

These transformers, which will be made by the company “Electro-industries” of Azazga (Tizi-Ouzou) are used in the energy sector and fulfilling Sonelgaz group’s needs  she said.

Asked about mastering the technology of manufacturing these transformers, Ms. Boukaoula stressed that this project would be realised with a foreign partner to transfer expertise and know-how.

“Preliminary” discussions are underway with various potential partners for the realisation of this project in accordance with the  51-49 % investment rule,she said.

This program, approved by the Council of State holdings (CPE) in March, also covers the manufacture by the same branch of high-power electric motors.

These engines are intended primarily for the needs of national companies including brickworks, cement plants and semolina and then exporting to foreign markets.

The subsidiary currently produces small motors, and faces strong competition from imported products with low added value. The new production will reduce the import bill, she observed.

GSP-Cabeleq aims, amongst other things, to increase from 30% to 60% by 2016, the market share of its subsidiary Enpec (National Company of electrochemistry), mainly specialised in the manufacture of  commercial batteries and industrial vehicles.

The company also plans to engage in the manufacture of sealed batteries (maintenance free), with an average life of 2 years.

Similarly, the production of solar batteries for photovoltaic panels will be the new niche of this subsidiary to meet the particular needs of Sonelgaz.

To meet the growing needs of Enpec, it is also expected to increase from 7,000 to 15,000 tonnes capacity for refining of lead, a metal widely used in battery manufacturing.

Recovery and recycling of batteries, containing between 12 and 16 kg of lead, allows the processing and refining of this metal for its reuse in the manufacture of new batteries.

Ms. Boukaoula noted, moreover, that priority would be given to the development and research in partnership with the university to master new technologies for the realisation of these projects.

The five-year investment program of  GSP-Cabeleq also covers the installation of generators at Reelec its subsidiary, specialising in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Cabeleq whose main customers are Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, and Algeria Telecom aims to increase its turnover by more than 8 billion dinars to 19 billion dinars in 2016.

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