The draft quality standard traditional jewelry Algerian 80% complete

The project to develop a quality standard traditional jewelry Algerian (TEDJ) “is currently 80% complete,” he said Tuesday in Batna Director General of traditional crafts and trades to the Ministry of Tourism and crafts, Ahmed Benabdelhadi.
“This is the first experience at the national level since independence to define the parameters of quality of a product meeting the specifications Algerian international standards,” the official said on the sidelines of a central awareness day ” Quality craftsmanship “program of cooperation between Algeria and the European Union.
Mr. Benabdelhadi noted that the organization of traditional jewelry craftsmen in Algeria began in the city of Batna “five years ago” with the formation of a national association, and the beginnings of an organization of profession, before reaching the stage of quality and labeling with the accompaniment of European experts.
These efforts were crowned with access to ISO-9001 four Algerian craft enterprises of which is specialized in non-precious jewelry, located in Patna, said the same official.
Mr. Benabdelhadi also said that the Centre National Technical jewelry, provided Batna to be the first of its kind nationwide, will aim to regulate the profession.
The sector employs traditional craftsmanship 500,000 workers in Algeria and made in 2012, for gross proceeds of 180 billion dinars, he added Benabdelhadi who noted that the goal line for 2020 is to reach 960,000 jobs and gross proceeds of 535 billion dinars.
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