Renewable Energies: next build a power plant of 1,000 MW experimental in Algeria

ALGIERS – The construction of a power plant fueled by renewable energy capacity of 1,000 MW will soon be launched in Algeria in the framework of the partnership between the group Desertec industrial initiative and Sonelgaz (DII), said Tuesday in Algiers a responsible the Algerian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK).

All technologies for the renewable energy industry (solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind) will be tested by this benchmark project whose implementation has been decided in the framework of an agreement concluded in 2011 between Sonelgaz and DII Sarah says Ruschkowski, Head of Department fairs AHK.

This project is currently undergoing feasibility study, while its location has not yet been set, said Ms. Ruschkowski in statements to reporters on the sidelines of the Forum of El Mujahid.

The representative of the AHK has further stated that the two shows planned from 15 to 17 October in Oran and dedicated to renewable energy and the green economy (ERA Enviro Algeria) would “create a platform for extend the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2011 between Sonelgaz and DII” and also” reconcile points of views between the two parties. ”

Concluded in December 2011 in Brussels by Sonelgaz, responsible for leading the national renewable energy development, and the German Desertec DII, this memorandum focuses on strengthening the exchange of technical expertise, considering ways and means for access to foreign markets and promoting common development of renewable energies in Algeria and abroad.

In addition, a partnership agreement should be signed on the occasion of the double event” ERA” Enviro Algeria Algerian between a private company and a German company specialized in the construction of energy efficient homes. This partnership will focus on the creation of a factory building houses powered by green energy Oran with an initial capacity of 20 units per year, says Ruschkowski.

ERA 2012 (International Exhibition of renewable energy, clean energy and sustainable development) and Enviro Algeria (International exhibition on environment, water, waste, energy efficiency and renewables) are two lounges on energy Renewable and Green Economy provided from 15 to 17 October at the Oran Convention Centre (OCC), recalls it.

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