More YAK130 for Algerian Air Force

Algeria cannot make its own aircraft so it relies on imports. SInce algeria has been using russian planes for a while now, algerian pilots are trained and used to russian aircraft.

What is good is that this airplane has a dual role: On the one hand, this is a very advanced training aircraft and secondly, it can be used as reinforcements, as a fighter in case of conflict. With this aircraft, our pilots quickly develop their reflexes and acquissent more experiments

Yak130 helps train pilots for the more advanced aircraft


The information was given by several Russian sources whose publication Muscovite “Ekspert”, Algeria and Russia are reportedly in talks for the delivery of a second batch of advanced training aircraft Yak130.

Two Yak130 above Blida July 2012

In fact it seems that Algeria negotiating the acquisition of 8 to 12 new units delivered between 2014 and 2015 for a total bill of 120 to 170 million.It should be remembered that Algiers has taken delivery of 16 aircraft in 2012, was the first customer in the world for Yak130 and is currently the only area with Army introduced a training aircraft so advanced, well before Israel who just ordered for the Italian Yak130 of the Aermacchi 346.
Yak130 The transition allows student pilots to modern combat equipment. The trainer makes it possible to accurately simulate the piloting of aircraft such as the SU30, the su35 and even the T50, it can also serve as a light fighter-bomber. The Russians, at the request of the Algerian Air Force, would work on a version already light fighter with a radar PESA and capable of firing ammunition intelligent Sol Air and Missile BVR Air to Air.
The rapid a device of category Yak130 as well as in-depth reforms will know that science teaching Air with the introduction of the LMD system, opening Academies Hunting Mechria of bombers to Laghouat Transport to and processing in Boussaada Academy School of helicopters Ain Arnat, prove the beginning of a qualitative and quantitative increase staffing and park the Algerian Air Force.

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