Automobiles Drive Up Moroccan Exports

The automotive industry is beginning to increase its weight among Moroccan exports, mainly in connection with the new Renault industrial complex in Tangier.  Indeed, exports of locally manufactured cars increased by 5% by the end of September.  Furthermore, finished consumer goods saw foreign sales increase by more than 8% during the first three-quarters of the year, reaching revenue of around 31 billion dirhams.

This is according to the latest figures from the Moroccan Exchange Office, which attributed the increase in total exports of goods made in Morocco to the rise in shipments of locally produced cars.  In fact, these automobile exports have increased more than fivefold, from just 669.9 million dirhams by the end of September of last year to more than 3.42 billion dirhams during the same period this year.  The sharp increase is due to the beginning of operations at the Renault industrial complex in Tangier.  This success was enhanced by Morocco’s new industrial policy, which has made the automobile industry one of its main pillars.  The Renault project has benefitted from national investment.

unfortunately in algeria, SNVI is not making any personal cars. Renault and Volkswagen have not started production. Algeria imports a lot of cars.

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