Germany Plans Extensive Arms Deal with Algeria

German arms sales to Algeria have increased dramatically in the last two years,. Whereas weapons manufacturers in Germany sold less than 20 million euros worth of materiel to Algeria in 2010, sales have jumped to almost 400 million in the two years since. 

Now, having weathered recent mini-scandals due to large weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, Germany is pursuing a significant increase in arms exports and cooperation with Algeria. a subsidiary of defense contractor Rheinmetall plans to produce up to 1,200 Fuchs armoured personnel carriers in Algeria in the next 10 years(woohoo local economy boost). All of the vehicles are reportedly for use in Algeria.

In addition, since the beginning of 2011, Berlin has authorized the delivery to the country of 54 Fuchs vehicles worth €195 million ($248 million) as well as other military vehicles worth €286 million. Berlin has also underwritten a €2.13 billion deal for two warships bound for Algeria. The deals represent a significant increase in weapons deals with the North African country. In 2010, German arms sales to Algeria were worth a mere €19.8 million.(of course the germans are not selling the hard stuff leopard tanks just armored carriers, an armored carrier that was first developed in the 80’s)


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