The production of table olives increases year by year, on average from 5 to 6%, states the director of agricultural statistics of the Minister of Agricolture and Rural Development, Hocine Abdelghafour.

The production of olive oil will reach or even exceed 45.000 tons in Algeria, according to the assessments of the Technical Institute of Fruit and Vine Agriculture (ITAFV) which also took in consideration an increase of the harvest of table olives.

“The 2012-13 olive campaign will be much better than the previous one since we expect at least an olive oil production of 45.000 tons” says the director of ITAFV, Mahmoud Mendil.
Olive oil production has decreased of 41% since the 2011-2012 campaign, reaching 39.558 tons against a record harvest of 66.981 tons in 2010/11.
In Algeria, olive cultivation is still subject to the “alternation phenomenon” since a good harvest is often followed by a worse one the next year, mostly because of the vast cropped area and the archaic cultivation techniques, according to Mendil.

Considering a total production of 390 millions of kilos, the amount of table olives represents 140 millions of kilos, according to the statistics of the Minister of Agriculture.

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