Obesity threatening 10 million Moroccans (out of 30+ million)

Again this trend is prevalent all over the Maghreb. urban class that wants fast food. no gym culture. cheap unhealthy foods for the poor(bread). No counting calories culture, and of course a more sedentary culture.


According to Lahlimi, 10 million Moroccans are actually overweight while 300,000 have actually entered the phase of obesity, 63 percent of whom are women.

The rise of obesity rates, Lahlimi argued, is due to unhealthy food habits Moroccans are increasingly developing, especially in urban areas, which include a high consumption of fast food.

The minister has called on relevant groups to conduct studies on the calories these meals contain and find ways of reducing them.

“The busy lifestyle of many youths and the abundance of fast food restaurants are the major reasons for increasing obesity rates,” she told Al Arabiya.

The fats contained in fast meals, she explained, do not only cause weight gain, but also several heart and coronary diseases as well as diabetes.

“Fast food contains a high percentage of carbohydrates and sugar and these provide the body with more calories than it needs. The accumulation of those calories is what leads to obesity and other diseases.”

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