Algeria: considerable production of citrus

In the Algerian district of Tizi-Ouzou a production of more than 23,600 tons of citrus is expected this year. This is a large production as the area meant for citrus in Algeria is not more than 38% of the available agricultural area, which is estimated at 258,253 HA. The total area for citrus in Tizi-Ouzou is 1,233 HA. Of this the better part is reserved for the production of clementines.
Last year the citrus production amounted to 24,470 tons. This year production is a little less, but still large. Up to now 26 HA has been harvested and the yield is positive, despite the fact that there was a lot of wind, which may cause a lot of damage to the fruit.
It is not clear whether the large production will have a positive effect on the price. This was not the case during the last few years.
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