Algeria has made his first red marble exports in 2012

ALGIERS – Algeria has achieved during the first quarter of 2012, its first exports of marble from quarries Krystel (Oran) and Filfila (Skikda), said Tuesday in Algiers the Director-General of the national marble ( Enamarbre), El Hadi Belaribi.

It is, he said, red marble, yellow and pink block exported to Spain, Italy and Tunisia. “This is a fairly large amount, but the most important is that this operation is a viable index of the health of this industry,” he added during a study day on the marble and other decorative stones .

Algeria does not yet have the necessary equipment for the processing of these qualities of marble are not, however, very popular in Algeria, he said.

The Enamarbre received a budget of $ 29 million to implement its various development projects, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Agency for Geology and Mining Control (ANGCM), Mohamed Tahar Bouarroudj.

“The overarching goal set by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and end it all, and in the short term with imports. Different careers in Enamarbre have acquired the equipment necessary for the operation of large reserves of the country, “he said.

Imports of Algeria on finished products are valued at nearly $ 60 million per year, he said, adding that a suitable operating reserves will meet “full” national market needs and export large quantities abroad.

Through its development plan, the Enamarbre to achieve by 2016 a production of 36,000 m3 of blocks (9,500 m3 in 2011), and 31,500 m2 of slabs (11 900 m2 in 2011), the DG said.

Aggregate production has also increased substantially in recent years, from 9,000 tons in 2010 to 11,900 tonnes in 2011, said the Director General of the National aggregates (ENG), Djelil Mohamed Sayah.

“In 2013, we will increase our production to 9,000 m3 of blocks (raw material), 50,000 m2 of tiles and we also intend to open new production units Chaabet The hem (Ain Temouchent) and Thénia (Sidi Bel Abbes) , “he said.

This public company whose annual turnover is estimated at five billion dinars, ambition, says Sayah, to achieve by 2016 a production of 70,000 m2 and 12,000 m3 slab blocks.

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