Algeria: Nation Shifts to Point-Based Driver Licenses

Algiers — Through new penalties for driving violations, Algeria looks to curb the number of road-related deaths and injuries. Under new road rules, Algerian motorists could lose their driver’s licenses through point-based penalties for violations of the Highway Code. The Ministry of Transport introduced the new rules in attempt to curb the number of road-related fatalities and accidents. The ministry for years had promised to institute this penalty point system. The rules went into effect on February 1st. The new driving licence will be phased in for new motorists, and each will be given 24 points. Drivers will lose points for violations of the Highway Code. How many points they lose would depend on the seriousness of the infraction. Motorists must now present the point-based licence, a blue document, whenever highway patrol officers pull them over on the road. “Holders of point-based licences can get half of their tally of points reinstated if they attend training at their own expense and complete an awareness programme about the causes and consequences of road accidents,” Transport Minister Amar Tou explained. “At the end of this training, they will receive a training certificate.” Motorists can attend up to two training courses a year. The new points-based system has an “educational purpose”, the minister added. According to official statistics from the Ministry of Transport, road accidents kill 3,000 people per year. and disable many more

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