Sellal inspects the site of Constantine tramway and supervises the start of construction of a Marriott hotel

CONSTANTINE – The Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal Saturday inspected the site of Constantine tramway before kick-off symbolic work of construction of a hotel “5 stars” chain Marriott International.

Sellal notably briefed on the proposed tram extension of Constantine to the new town Mendjeli Ali International Airport Mohamed Boudiaf.

The tram will start from the stage Benabdelmalek-Ramdane to reach the suburban area of ​​Zouaghi on 8.1 km, figure, it was argued during the inspection visit, the most important projects that benefited the wilaya during the last decade.

Work started in late 2008, this major project, to be commercially exploited” by the end of the first half of 2013,” according to the statements of the officials concerned,” will have a capacity of 6000 passengers per hour and will contribute significantly to improving the quality of life of citizens and economic development of the city of Constantine. ”

The main centers residential, commercial, cultural, sports, medical and education will be served by 11 stations set up throughout the tramway which will also be equipped with three (03) interchanges designed to facilitate connections and relays with other modes of transport (taxis and buses, among others).

Entrusted to the Italian Impresa Pizzarotti, tram Constantine has also led to the construction of two parks relay over 500 seats and a bridge with a length of 465 meters.

Plans to extend the route of the tram to the airport Mohamed Boudiaf, the new city Mendjeli Ali, and in a later stage, the city of El Khroub were granted by the government, it was recalled.

The study of the detailed preliminary section of the extension of the tram line to the new town Mendjeli Ali, a distance of 10.5 km from the airport and 2.7 km was awarded to Spanish a group, it was recalled.

Sellal then went on board the tram on the site to accommodate a Hotel “5 stars” chain Marriott International where he expressed his “reservations” about the architectural design of the front of the establishment, inviting project developers to “goodbye.”

This five-storey infrastructure, to be performed at a cost of 14 billion dinars, an area of ​​over 130,000 m2, will have 180 rooms and 21 suites, including three presidential elections.

The future hotel will be built not far from the university Mentouri on the heights of Ain El Bey,” and will contribute qualitatively to improve capacities of the ancient Cirta, and restart, certainly the competition between the major hotel groups, “it was said.

The Marriott Constantine who offer 600 permanent jobs will be delivered, whichever contract arrested in late December 2014.

With regard to the view overlooking, from the establishment of a huge illegal settlement site (Bentellis), the Director of the Land of the wilaya of Constantine said that 6 billion dinars were spent, through the redevelopment of the former Bardo, compensation inhabitants of this site will be asked to leave.

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