Faisal Chettah, inventor of property stolen vehicles remote seeks partner

Faisal Chettah, inventor of property stolen vehicles remote seeks partner. Tray but without much motivation, Faisal Chettah is a regular at the Salon de l’Innovation. (Ph. Y. Ferhat)
Met in its booth at the close of the Exhibition of Invention and Innovation, held this week in Algiers Chettah Faisal, an Algerian inventor of a system of remote control of vehicle, a simple phone call, especially useful to immobilize the vehicle and track stolen, tells us about his adventure inventor. Chettah Faisal is a young Sidi Moussa south of Algiers. Distinctive sign? No. Unless he is an inventor. And it has been since the age of 23. Today it has 38 years under his belt and two major inventions and several honorary degrees. He is a man inhabited by the modesty that we met at the Salon of inventions and innovation that was held this week at the Palais des Expositions d’Alger Pins shipping.”For this kind of room, I’m used to,” he said. In this latest edition is still among veterans: the invention has been presented during the three days of the show was patented in 2008 INAPI. He is still calling, “because we judge that my invention deserves it developed,” he quips. Faisal Chettah, presents itself as an inventor of the remote control system. Modestly. “This is the result of dedication,” he says. School? he has made ​​in the area of Bougara, in the wilaya of Blida (south of Algiers), not to exceed the level of the terminal. Its branch of study is electronics which is also his passion. “I stopped my studies in 1993, after missing my technical baccalaureate, specialty electronics. I have not had the chance to continue my education and go to university. But it was basically a motivation for me to achieve my goals, “he says.

The obsession with remote control

Chettah Faisal says: “This year, I passed an examination in the field of electronics where the issue was to design a system that looks like I’ve managed to develop now. This is the system on and off lights by clapping. The distance of the system was 150 meters. During this review, I tried to solve it and I succeeded. Since I conducted my research and work in similar projects until 1997 when I came up with the idea of ​​creating a system of remote control via the landline from home. Something that has been made during the same year, where I managed through my device to stop a moving vehicle in Algiers since Bechar. “Since then, he has developed an obsession for everything remote control. Himself admits: “I love the remote control. It is for me, the pinnacle of technology. ” From this review it was successful, Faisal has researched and developed projects on his own, at his family home. After the arrival of mobile telephony in Algeria in 2001, the young inventor is redoubling its efforts to develop the system to be operational using the mobile phone. He succeeded. This invention is simple, says he, placidly. “My system remote control consists of two enclosures, each equipped with smart mobile phone, vehicle mounted, one for receiving the signal transmitted by a telephone call. The other, returns another signal when the vehicle stops. That’s it! “. “For a vehicle equipped with this system I can stop where it is located on the country and even outside. I wait 3 seconds, a signal is sent to me informing me that the vehicle is stopped, “he says again.

Invention seeks serious partner

Spent time challenges and the gratification of passion, come after the stage of ‘recovery’.The device is not expensive. Depending on the value of its component parts, “it will cost between 5000 AD and 6000 AD,” he said, “far from the Chinese-built, recently entered the Algerian market at a cost of about 45,000 Da.” In addition, it serves as a “tracker” of stolen vehicle with embedded chips. But so far, Faisal failed to industrialize its “prototype”. It is still repairing the corner. Today, he works “again and again” in the field of electronics, repair demodulators and other gadgets, following an internship car alarms installer, who invented an alarm system not only but also for remote control of vehicle. “I had offers individuals and small companies. Their tenders have not been satisfactory. It was for most people whose main concern is saving money without consideration particularly with regard to the development and optimization of the system. My hope is to optimize the device, the miniaturization before entering a phase of large-scale manufacturing. And for that, I’m looking for serious partners, “he wishes. A word to the wise.

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