Algeria is among the top 30 countries that hold the most gold in the world


Algeria is not only has huge foreign exchange reserves, it also has substantial gold reserves. Indeed, according to the latest ranking by the World Council of gold, the country has 4.7% of global resources and is thus placed at the 24th place in the world.

Algeria is maintained in the top 30 countries possessing the largest gold reserves.The World Gold Council, published March 13, his last ranking it has established from the data of January 2013 and December 2012, in which Algeria is the 24th African country and the country world, which holds the most gold with nearly 173.6 tons.Algeria is also the third state in the Arab countries after Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, which holds the most gold, according to the Council of gold. Resources of Algeria represent 4.7% of all world reserves. Its share has increased slightly since last year, since they were 4.4% in August 2012.

Top ranking are the United States (8133.5 tons), then comes Germany (3,391.3 tonnes) in the second position, the IMF (2814.0 tonnes) finally has the third largest reserves. At the end of 2012, foreign exchange reserves held in dollars by the central banks represented 62% against 54% in 2000, according to an analysis by the World Council realized gold this month. Gold in 2012 represented 8% of foreign exchange reserves of central banks.

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