Algeria – Over one billion m3 of treated waste water will be reused in agriculture at the end of 2014

wastewater purification station for agriculture

The Ministry of Water Resources through the use of treated wastewater in irrigation one of its priorities.It is even a “great challenge” for the sector, according to its first charge, Hocine Necib. It remains a barrier “cultural” to blow, he said today on the sidelines of the Senate.

The reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture figures prominently among the priorities of the Ministry of Water Resources, said today its first charge, Hocine Necib.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Senate, the Minister of Water Resources announced that the goal that his department was reaching the end of 2014 to 1.2 billion m3 of treated wastewater reuse in agriculture “It is a big challenge for the sector. Algeria is a semi-arid country. This is why the strategy of the sector, an important focus is the development and mobilization of unconventional resource: desalination of seawater and reuse of treated wastewater. ”

The use in the irrigation of treated wastewater is already effective in the scope of the M’leta (Oran).Currently under construction and equipment, perimeter that will extend its term to 8000 hectares, is wholly irrigated by the largest Algeria El Kerma sewage treatment plant.

Mr. Necib said to optimize the use of treated wastewater in agriculture, a partnership is implemented with U.S. operators, with the aim of going to the tertiary treatment of treated water treatment which is to improve quality by eliminating elements such as pesticides and metals. However, investment in this type of treatment is expensive, acknowledged the minister spoke of the need for studies to find a “compromise between the cost of investment and profitability.”

Hocine Necib stressed the need “awareness of farmers and citizens” about the benefits of the use of wastewater for irrigation. According to him, there is a “very important” effort to make the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chamber of Agriculture wilaya and associations.

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