Health: One in six children is obese in Algeria

Algerians consume an average of 50 to 70 million loaves of bread, daily. It turns out that the Algerians are among the largest consumers of bread in the world. However, eating habits have changed completely. These products have become addicted to fast food. They eat too salty, too sweet and too fatty. It is also great lovers? Hrissa ‘and mayonnaise. They take less fruit and vegetables. This is the observation made ​​by the president of the Algerian Consumer Federation (CAF) Harizi Zaki, at a scientific meeting organized on Thursday by the federation under the theme: “Consumption-obesity, between reality and disease,” Algiers. The participants in the meeting, whether members of the medical profession or associations have sounded the alarm. This new way of eating with disastrous consequences on the mental and physical development of Algerians, adults or children, warn experts. Speakers cited a direct consequence of obesity. “A scourge that threatens today’s health Algerians, especially our children, knowing that its frequency is increasing.” This was said Dr. Bouchrit Ghania specialist school epidemiology at the screening and monitoring (UDS) of the Common Bouzaréah unit. She said one in six children suffering from obesity, in our schools. For the epidemiologist, obesity in Algerian schools “is alarming and requires government intervention.” For her, obesity is not a cosmetic problem, but a disease that can lead to many others. She cites diabetes, back problems, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and even causes cancer. Participants at the meeting said that the fight against obesity must start in schools. Others believe it is in the cradle. They recommend a nutrition education for children, from an early age while also getting them used to practice the sport. Finally, the Algerian Consumer Federation decided to conduct awareness campaigns in the camps this summer for children . It was also decided to publish a textbook on good feeding practices, which will be distributed to all children in school, starting next school year.

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