Algeria has waste storage worth 230 million euros a year

Algeria has an abandoned treasure but lacks the ability to grasp it as data shows that a better organized waste storage would be worth 230 million euros a year. Out of the incredible amount of waste produced annually, only 5% is recycled and the state is seeking private investors in a sector which has few risks.

Mohamed Chaieb Aissaoui, an expert with the environment state secretary, cited very interesting data at a recent forum.

Assaoui said that domestic waste is some 13,5 million tons a year, approximately one kilo a year per inhabitant, of which 50% could be recycled. Some 6.1 million tons could be treated and re-enter the productive cycle, benefiting the economy and the environment.

The 6.1 million tons of waste which could be recycled includes 1.8 of paper, 1.2 of plastics, 1.6 of fabrics and 300,000 tons of metal worth overall an estimated 230 million euros. ‘A real deposit’, commented Assaoui who also said that small companies operating in the sector – some 247 – can only recuperate a very small percentage of the materials, partly exported, also due to their size.

The Algerian state is however trying to develop this sector also with a plan – the National programme of management of city waste – dividing up waste between ‘classic’ (plastic, paper, metal, textile, glass, wood and organic material) and ‘complex’ (tyres, oil, batteries and other electrical and electronic objects). Algeria has also approved a plan to create 48 new landfills and enlarging some of the largest, existing dumps.

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