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New Middle East virus spread in hospitals (Saudi Arabia)

With the umra and the upcoming Hajj coming up. One thing that is coming up that should scare us. the new Mers virus. With the millions of pilgrims coming to Saudi the virus has a chance of spreading far and wide.

The new MERS virus, which has infected 64 people and killed 38 of them, is mostly spread in hospitals and it will take special care to prevent bigger outbreaks,



algerie rwanda The full game

well lets see

mali failed to beat benin so algeria is all clear in terms of winning round two.

Hopefully there will not be a derby like the derby between Algeria and Egypt that happened last world cup.

I am wondering do they have quotas example two from north africa two from south africa two from west africa and so on and so forth

we should not two proud of ourselves the worst is yet to come. it would be a shame to qualify and then lose all of our world cup games.

so far our team is better than the 2010 team.

slimani and soudani can score and they score prolifically.

brahimi taider feghouli (boudebouz) can all dribble and pass between defenders.
but like the rwanda game showed (we only scored one goal for god sakes)

having a good goal keeper and having very physical players will slow down the algerian team.

My goals are that at least we advance to the second round of the world cup

Tramways everywhere in Algeria

Fortunately Algeria is realizing they need dependable safe mass transportation.

In Algiers the capital the metro and tramway are running. They built a tramway in Constantine, it is fully operational now.There is also a tramway in Oran that is functional and they are planning to build a metro.There are also more projects in other cities.

The oran tramway ticket is set at 40 Da

Algeria Street Scenes in Algiers

Benin 1-3 Algérie (Complet) Qualification Coupe du Monde(Canal Algerie)

the full game algeria benin

Four Fish Algeria Morocco Tunisia Libya

Salmon,Tuna,Bass,Cod The fish we all love.

The most popular “fishs” in the sea already over fished. Wild populations of these fish are being depleted. New solutions need to be found. Should fish be hunted or should they be herded or should they be farmed.

These questions are especially important to North Africa because right now they are developing “industrial” fishing boats and they have an increased appetite for the protein and calories of fish.

In order to domesticate fish and other animals, those animals need to be

1. hardy

2. endowed with an inborn liking for man

3. comfort-loving

4. able to breed freely

5. needful of only a minimal amount of tending

yet most of these fish that we love cannot be easily farmed for one thing there mating seasons are very complex some fish will ram against the glass or not eat, there offspring are very microscopic and require rotifers to eat then Artemia “sea monkeys” when they are a little bit larger. Since most of these fish are carnivores most of them eat more than they produce by a factor of 5 to 1

Algeria Morocco Tunisia and Libya need to be mindful to not repeat others mistakes.

Do no harm, do not let bottom scrapers industrial fish to fish in their waters.

And if they want to farm fish, pick fish that are hardy and are vegetarians like asian sea bass or tilapia or Basa

just something to think about.


1er et 2em mi-temps du matche Algerie vs Burkina faso


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