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Top Companies in Algeria


Harley Davidson store Inauguration

As announced on the same site, the motorcycle market in Algeria is hosting Harley-Davidson introduced through Sarl PROX4 which recognizes five years in the activity of two wheels.
Inauguration of the legendary showroom American brand took place this Saturday at Blida.Situated on highway and imposing its design which has no equal as standard HD, the site is spread over three levels, with 1600 RN2 divided into an exhibition space of 600m2, 250m2 workshop, storage space of 750m2 and 600m2 ample parking
“II will provide its customers with a wide range of motorcycles of different styles, custom design center and excellent after-sales service,” says one Harley-Davidson Algiers name of the concession whose catalog offers five different ranges, namely the Sportster, the Dynha the Softail, V-Road and Touring. should be noted that the store has a space dedicated exclusively to members HOG (Harley Owners Group).,algerie-automobile-actualite.htm,algerie-automobile-actualite.htm

Burn the cash

Theoretically Algeria needs to reduce its reliance on a cash economy.

In its usual style, the Algerian government has just repealed a new rule before it even it became effective. The rule in itself was a good move, it required any payments above 50,000 DZD to be paid by cheque. Algerian economic activity is hugely dependent on cash. People pay for a car or a house with real notes. Imagine bags full of cash, literally! So people should be encouraged to ditch the cash in favour of alternatives. While the powers in charge were right in thinking that should happen, the decision was premature, which led to its cancellation in the end. Reducing our dependence on cash can bring many benefits:
1. Allow banks to build reserves for investment
2. Provide safety over funds
3. Reduce money laundering
4. Bring income from informal economic activity into the mainstream

So why don’t we do it? The primary reason for our dependence on cash, I believe, is the lack of trust in the financial system. That’s why on the day of “virement” (wage pay in), everyone rushes to withdraw their hard earned Dinars. After the long queues, the insults, the fights, and the heat, you get to a condescending agent who informs you that you have no funds, or that they don’t have the monies to pay you. Recent bank collapses like Khalifa and BCIA are not encouraging either.
Cheques have been very unsuccessful. Many issue cheques without funds, which bounce back, leaving the beneficiary in a delicate situation. Many have resorted to just not accepting cheques. Now, I understand why my auntie laughed every time I asked why she did not pay for her groceries with a cheque. I was young and naive!

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Launch a prototype in Algiers Algeria Telemedicine Project

A prototype of the project Telemedicine Network Algeria (DZ-RT), connecting the University Hospital Centre (CHU) Lamine Debaghine Bab El Oued (Algiers) and public hospital establishments (EPH) wilaya of Bechar Laghouat and was launched Tuesday in Algiers.
This project is part of the partnership agreement between the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform and the Post Office and Information technology and communication.
It is managed by the National Agency of technology parks (ANPT) and the National Agency for Healthcare Documentation (ANDS).
CHU five and twelve EPH South have been selected for this project include improving the medical care of residents of the southern regions of the country, access to health care at a distance, in addition to the training and transfer of data.
Its generalization to four CHU and EPH remaining ten will take place once the pilot phase is completed and consolidated.
Un prototype du projet du Réseau de Télémédecine Algérie (RT-DZ), reliant le Centre hospitalo-universitaire (CHU) Lamine Debaghine de Bab El Oued (Alger) et les Etablissements publics hospitaliers (EPH) des wilayas de Laghouat et Bechar, a été lancé mardi à Alger.
Ce projet s’inscrit dans le cadre de la convention de partenariat entre le ministère de la Santé, de la Population et de la Réforme hospitalière et celui de la Poste et des Technologies de l’information et de la communication.
Il est piloté par l’Agence nationale des parcs technologiques (ANPT) et l’Agence nationale de documentation de la santé (ANDS).
Cinq CHU et douze EPH du sud ont été retenus pour ce projet destiné notamment à améliorer la prise en charge médicale des habitants des régions du sud du pays, accessibilité aux soins à distance, outre la formation continue et les transferts des données.
Sa généralisation aux quatre CHU et les dix EPH restants aura lieu une fois la phase pilote terminée et ses résultats consolidés.


The campaign of this year has proven to be better than the one of 2011. The datas report that the exported volumes have increased, as well as the total values. The 2012 production has increased of about 19%.

According to the Tunisian Minister of Agriculture, date exports at the end of July 2012 reached the record amount of 87.600 tons for a total value of 302 millions of DT (equal to 148 millions of euros) while exports in 2011 had been of 73.400 tons, for a value of 255 millions of DT (about 125 millions of euros).
According to the statistics of the Minister, the 2011-12 dates picking has reached 191.000 tons, 135.000 of which are first quality dates of the “Deglet EnNour” kind, the most appreciated variety on foreign markets.


The production of table olives increases year by year, on average from 5 to 6%, states the director of agricultural statistics of the Minister of Agricolture and Rural Development, Hocine Abdelghafour.

The production of olive oil will reach or even exceed 45.000 tons in Algeria, according to the assessments of the Technical Institute of Fruit and Vine Agriculture (ITAFV) which also took in consideration an increase of the harvest of table olives.

“The 2012-13 olive campaign will be much better than the previous one since we expect at least an olive oil production of 45.000 tons” says the director of ITAFV, Mahmoud Mendil.
Olive oil production has decreased of 41% since the 2011-2012 campaign, reaching 39.558 tons against a record harvest of 66.981 tons in 2010/11.
In Algeria, olive cultivation is still subject to the “alternation phenomenon” since a good harvest is often followed by a worse one the next year, mostly because of the vast cropped area and the archaic cultivation techniques, according to Mendil.

Considering a total production of 390 millions of kilos, the amount of table olives represents 140 millions of kilos, according to the statistics of the Minister of Agriculture.

“Bloomberg-Afrique” TV Channel to be Launched from Casablanca Soon

Francophone African and Maghreban countries will shortly be able to watch a new TV channel, “Bloomberg-Afrique” that will beam its programs in French from the city of Casablanca.

The new channel will broadcast programs on the development of the continent in addition to its primary role as a channel of economic and financial information, said the project initiators who made the announcement last week in Dakar during the 5th Forum of African Media Leaders.
 The Bloomberg-Afrique project will be managed by the Casablanca Media Partners Company, under an agreement signed with the Bloomberg group.
The project initiators said it fits perfectly into the new vision of Morocco and will help it strengthen its position on the African arena on both the economic and political levels.
The project is being set up with the participation of private operators and a number of Moroccan investors are said to be interested in the project.
An Arabic version will soon be released by the Media Group of Prince Al Walid Ibn Talal. According to press reports, this channel will also be based in Casablanca.
Bloomberg Television is a 24-hour global network broadcasting business and financial news. It is distributed globally, reaching over 310 million homes worldwide. It is owned and operated by Bloomberg L.P. and is internationally headquartered in New York City with its European headquarters in London and Asian headquarters in Hong Kong. It was first launched in 1994.
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