Paradou academy many players are probably going to Paris

olivier-guillou-plusieurs académiciens

Appointed in June, at the head of the team’s first Paris Football Club (third French Division), Olivier Guillou eventually decided to leave hurriedly Algeria. the former director of the Paradou Academy aims to bring in the next six years, his training in Ligue 1. To realize this project, the new grantee intends to use its academicians across Africa. Three Algerians must reach Prais from July 15. Exclusive to El Watan, the French coach back on his great adventure in Algeria. It also explains the choice of young Algerian nuggets.
Did you be in Paris in late June to head the Paris Football Club ?

I did not land in late June. I expected to come, because the discussions have been ongoing since March. I knew I would be there first thing in the year. It was now or a year later. This was done somewhat in a hurry !
What do you remember your visit to Algeria ?
I spent a wonderful five years! I received a warm welcome in Algiers when I arrived, and in cities across the country during the various surveys. I saw many good players and kids who love football. Technical players and quite individualistic, but who are eager to learn. From the moment you take care of them, one can only have good results.

What did you learn from this experience ?
I did not know so much of Algeria loved football. In many countries, it is the king of sports. In Algeria, it is beyond belief! I was surprised by love What small Algerians for the sport. They have an ability to reproduce what they see on television. The good and bad sides. It should also help them to sort. It is surprising that Algeria has so much talent. As the years passed, there were more good players. This is a people that is made for that. These are the “Brazilians” of Africa !

What sports do you balance your past five years in Algeria ?
Excellent results on the Academy. It currently has three promotions, or forty players. I think many of them will come to a good career in Europe. Those who will not succeed, will change at least in the Algerian league.

The goals you set out have been achieved ?
In terms of results, if achieved. Regarding infrastructure, the leaders of Paradou did everything to make available to us the best possible facilities.
This means that in Algeria, when you want you can. The initial objectives were to train good players with a fairly homogeneous quality of play. The idea was as they represent, later, the backbone of the national team. It’s still early, but the next four-five players will mature. The Algeria can count on a large number of academicians.

What is the specificity of the Algerian player compared to other young Africans ?
There is a specificity that is purely physical endurance. These are young super-talented technically. As they add all the players mingled qualities.

What should be done to improve training in Algeria ?
We need more resources and infrastructure. Large Algerian clubs should pay more attention to training, because obviously all the money is spent on the occupation. There are many children who are neglected. The training conditions are otherwise outdated. I saw some pretty absurd, while Algeria has financial possibilities. We leave a little room for the young and cared a little more of them. The dough is. There has to be done.

The JMG Academy of Paradou can it be an example ?
I hope so. That other people take the path we have taken. Trust the young, although the coach and be patient. Training is a medium to long term.

You decided to bring with you three youngsters from the Academy of Paradou. What criteria have you chosen
They were selected based on their technical maturity, tactical, physical and mental. This is perhaps a little premature in that they are in their 19th year. It is also a good time for them to come try their luck in France, to finish their training and get a taste of competition with goals and a career. The Academy, it’s a start. It’s not like when you enter the workforce. Here, there will be competition, a championship, contracts and a man’s life to lead. These players will give us an extra key technical.

Do they meet the needs of the PFC today ?
They respond as soon as they chose to work in PFC, with the football philosophy preached in the Academy. For this, we need players who have the ABCs.

From when will they be available ?
They have an appointment today, July 11, 2012, at the Embassy of France for visas. We hope to be no earlier than July 15. The championship begins on August 4.

Are there others that might follow ?
This is a discussion to have with our local partner, Mr. Zetchi, the chairman of the Paradou, and the financier who is 50/50 with us. On the first class, there may be up to six players who can come. But there is the age barrier. As long as they have not reached their 18, they can not leave the territory. But next year, three others could join us.
We really want to give an identity of academic game. There are also grown players and PFC working in the same direction as us. The best play. The ball is in the youth camp. The competition will be healthy. Priority is given to the talent. This is the only criterion. For them to work and we show that we can count on them. They can play in making a good career and meet our expectations.

Academics have participated in any championship. Do you think they will be operational soon ?
This is not a problem. They made a lot of matches. The competition is ongoing at the Academy. Every day, there has opposition. There they will play against players they do not know. This is perhaps surprising at first, but soon they will be in the bath. It plays the same game in each academy. If they do not have a technical problem, or physical tactics, they will integrate quickly.

How do you see their integration among the various club teams in the coming months ?
They mostly come to play first team football. They are part of this workforce and federal contracts. It is possible that some may need an adjustment and go through the reserve, CFA2 (fifth division).
There is no question that they play with the U19 national, unless there is a specific need in Gambardella (equivalent of the Coupe de France in young). The goal is that they integrate the team flag. To them to make their place. I’m pretty confident.

What is the roadmap of these academicians at PFC ?
The objective is to mount in Ligue 1 in six years. Players have a collective goal and staff. If they must leave the PFC is to go as high as possible and in the biggest clubs. ?

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